In the link below you will find a program for sending of the Draft BL for maritime export cargoes with Allog International Transport.

Our goal with the step-by-step instructions below is to ease the installation and sending of the Draft.

Download – Program for the submission of the ALLOG Draft BL

Follow the step-by-step instructions to install the program on your computer:

1) Download the file on your computer;
2) You will receive a code that should be sent to the email in order to release your registration to Allog;
3) After sending the code, we will send you another number that will be your access key for the Headsoft-ALLOG program;
4) Send the BL Draft as a “normal transfer” via the Headsoft-ALLOG system. Please do not send the Draft BL via “email”.

For the first use, we need to have your complete information registered. If this is your first contact with Allog, when sending the passkey also give us the complete information of your company (name/cnpj/address/contact info).

The Program only needs to be installed once and the key is released only on the first use. After the first use, proceed by using the program normally for the next shipments.

Thank you for the partnership and in case you have any questions, we ask you to contact the documentation team (, who will assist you promptly.


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