Ethical principle of valuing the community.

Social responsibility

Allog International Transport has as an ethical principle to value the community in which it operates, providing opportunities for work and income generation, social participation and respect for the culture in which it is established or with which it relates.

We continually seek to improve our Social Responsibility Management system, through actions that make a difference in the daily lives of our employees and the community to which we are a part.
Through a group of volunteers called the New Ideas Creation Center (NICC), we encourage mutual cooperation and encourage involvement in social actions promoted by the group in order to meet basic needs and aspirations of our community


The National ODS Santa Catarina Movement is a social movement made up of volunteers, of a non-partisan, plural and ecumenical character, with the purpose of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of Santa Catarina society. It aims to fulfill the commitments of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, approved by UN member countries during its 70th General Assembly held in September 2015 in New York (United States).


The Movement aims to facilitate the incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the practice of people and organizations in Santa Catarina. It seeks to build a better society, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and economically balanced.


The Social Seal Program is a strategy to stimulate the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations – UN, through the recognition of public entities, companies and public and private organizations of organized civil society and individuals, which carry out investments internal and external social benefits for the benefit of society.

It aims to publicly recognize and value the – initiatives of organizations that promote the socioeconomic development of its employees or the community in which it operates.

The certification of organizations in the Municipal Social Seal Program consists of a document that recognizes them as socially responsible. Therefore, it is based on the evaluation of investments made by companies in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The Itajaí Culture and Sport Incentive Law allows projects approved by the Municipality to raise funds from taxpayers of the Tax on Services of Any Nature (TSAN), up to the limit of 30% of the tax due. In other words, the private sector transfers part of the tribute to those contemplated. And Allog makes a point of contributing every year to various projects in our community. Want to know more? Read here. Project helped by Allog via the incentive law in 2020:


Projects supported/executed in 2020:

• Projeto Biblioteca Contêiner

• Container Library Project

• Campanha Volta às Aulas

• Back to School Campaign

• Campanha do Tênis usado

• Used Tennis Campaign

• Campanha do Cobertor

• Blanket campaign

• Doação Solidária Allog – Máscaras

• Allog Solidarity Donation – Masks

• Campanha do Dia do Cliente – Ajuda instituições indicadas pelos clientes

• Client’s Day Campaign – Helps clients-appointed institutions

• Rede do Bem

• the network of good

Do you want to know more about Allog’s Social Responsibility Sector projects and missions?

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