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Service in international logistics: why is agility fundamental?

31 de março de 2021

Do you know why excellence in service in international logistics is so important?

The customer sends a hurried email to the freight forwarder, requesting important information to define the next batch of products that will be sent to the United States. The answer does not come. Three hours later, he sends a message via Whatsapp, reinforcing the request and warning about the urgency of the data so that he can make decisions related to the size of the volume to be shipped. The answer comes 24 hours later and represents an extra day in the logistic process of sending abroad.

Everyone knows that, in order to differentiate yourself in a highly competitive market, agility, accuracy and transparency in customer service is fundamental, right? In a sector as specific as international logistics, these three items are basic rules in the relationship with companies.

atendimento na logística internacional

Tamara Novais, sea import operations coordinator at Allog, explains that building a relationship of trust involves proximity to the client. This implies maintaining contact, cultivating clarity in communication, understanding needs and providing excellent service.

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According to her, excellence in service in international logistics must consider the company’s profile to apply the correct approach. You should also focus on gaining knowledge of this customer’s preferences and solving problems quickly and efficiently. “It is scientifically proven that, as human beings, we remember negative experiences more easily than positive ones. Throughout the service journey, we must avoid disruptions in the process. If they exist, they need to be remedied with agility and mastery, making the customer remember the exemplary way in which the problem was solved ”, she says.

Market intelligence

More than ever, the customer’;s expectation is for an accurate and on-time delivery. According to Tamara Novais, in the current scenario, where companies need to focus on their core business, having logistical partners with market intelligence brings the possibility of optimizing processes. “Keeping the customer fully informed in each of the cargo’s logistical stages is essential for building a relationship of trust and transparency”, she adds.

Service provider agility

The service provider agility represents a very important differential. Often, to execute some decision making, the client turns to its partners for support. The speed of return shows that the service provider is concerned with the needs of this client and the level of service provided.

The current challenge for companies specializing in serving international logistics is to bring relevant information at the right time. With this, it is possible to make more assertive decisions in the allocation and planning of your processes.

Transparency and honesty

When it comes to communication and excellent service, the values of the service provider play a fundamental role in building a healthy and lasting relationship. Taking a stance based on transparency and honesty helps in the development of a win-win partnership. It also eliminates any type of fear that the customer may have in relation to international logistics. This strengthens the relationship and increases the feeling of trust and loyalty.

Allog customer service

One of Allog’s missions is to exceed customer expectations and the way in which it serves and cultivates relationships. “In our values, we also preach a commitment to the market, in addition to ethics, honesty and initiative,” explains Tamara.

In addition to encouraging employees to exercise the Allog culture, the company reinforces the message through training aimed at market needs. The team also continuously improves different service skills with individual development activities.

“All of these actions aimed at providing excellent service contribute to building a healthier, more honest and long-lasting relationship with our customers”, she concludes.

Atendimento na logística internacional

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