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19 de março de 2017

In 2001, when we founded Allog, we already saw a horizon, amidst many uncertainties and challenges. The globalization of the economy was already a reality and companies in Brazil were already increasingly seeking the exchange for their goods and services. At this point, we always act as agents for these flows in international transportation, offering the best solutions for our customers.

Since then a lot has changed: the economy, globalization has advanced and the international market is a reality for all companies that seek to enter this market, even considering the current economic situation, not based solely on the domestic market.

Allog, on the other hand, has not stopped growing. We have opened new branches, invested in total quality with continuous process improvement, team qualification and also in technology. We launched the Allog Portal, with the new concept of “Allog in your hands”, where the company’s customers follow their shipments, including an evolved folow-up, among other resources.

We also intensified our work with our logistics service partners, seeking to ensure the best management of the business carried out for the benefit of our customers.

The trust placed in Allog by our clients is governed by a commitment based on our strategic, efficient management of quality, always ready for any challenges. Here, at Allog, all of our customers have an organic structure that seeks the best solutions through innovation.

Among many actions to come, we are launching our new website for effective communication between our customers and the market. It was designed for our business: check out Allog, our solutions, opportunities, follow news on our blog, and get in touch with our channels.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this achievement of our first 15 years, working together, where the result of our team was always higher than the sum of individual results, so “Together We Are Allog”. Thank you: Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Friends.

You are welcome to get to know us better!

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