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08 de maio de 2017


The semicircle-shaped meeting can, at first glance, remind us of the playful dynamics of students in the classroom. The meeting, moreover, has a goal as noble and specific as that: sharing information from customers and learning from the experiences of teammates.

The moment is dedicated to the CASE program (C = Talk, A = Align, S = Serve, E = Energize) developed by Allog, with the objective of strengthening customer relations and understanding their needs. In it, employees from different areas of the company meet periodically to discuss and exchange information about services and how to add value to the client’s business.

In CASE, regardless of the employee’s area of activity, everyone has the right to express opinions to align the work being carried out and thus ensure customized improvements. Together, employees debate their role in the customer business and contribute to forming a culture of innovation and dedication, aimed at bringing benefits to the logistics operation of the companies that Allog serves. This perception of organizational values makes the difference.

From the meetings, individual skills of the employees are united and shared with the whole team, to develop and improve the process for the client. “They also understand that everyone, regardless of their hierarchical level, can contribute ideas,” says Luciana Oliveira, Allog’s Marketing and Quality Manager.

The CASE management guidelines reinforce the importance of Allog employees understanding the entire logistics chain, contributing to the process of the customer and their business. “Our goal is to understand and improve the entire process, so that our client’s customer is satisfied,” concludes Luciana Oliveira.

Artigo produced by:
Luciana Oliveira, Allog’s Marketing and Quality Manager.

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