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20 de março de 2017

It’s a fact: a happy employee is an engaged employee. The constant changes in the labor market compel companies to pay more attention to what is happening to attract talent.

This work, called by some specialists of Endomarketing HR, has been superseding the traditional system of management and aims to privilege humans within the organization, according to an article published by the CATHO website, one of the main sites offering vacancies in Brazil.

By assimilating this new reality, we seek to motivate our employees to seek the necessary tools for professional development. The immense possibility of sharing ideas makes them want to be part of something bigger, generating the feeling of belonging and collaborating to a pleasant work environment, which promotes the opportunity to make a difference in projects and decisions.

With this, came the best practices for Internal Climate Management, without leaving aside the challenging goals of each employee for individual and group evolution. In a nutshell, our goal is the well-being of the people who work to make the business happen with excellence.

To better understand Allog’s culture, we selected three responses (from the 86 that we received) in the Satisfaction Survey performed in February through the SurveyMonkey tool:
What do you think is good about Allog?

“The culture of the company is great and, consequently, the concern with the employees is clear”.

“The work environment, team spirit and the ambition of the superiors in search of above-average results. This motivates and brings synergy to the team. ”

“There are several good points: we have the freedom to speak, clarify doubts, expose our point of view. We have benefits and we do not suffer prejudices. ”

That in 2017 we can be even happier and more engaged!


Artigo produced by:
Francine Lima, Allog’s Human Resources Assistant.


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