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05 de junho de 2017
Do you know what is exchange rate variation?

According to the Central Bank, exchange is the exchange of currencies between different countries. In general, any operation involving financial transactions, both in Brazil and abroad, is understood as a financial exchange, such as transfers, payments and receipts. According to Infomoney, the fact that most countries in the world have their own currency makes foreign exchange transactions necessary for the realization of foreign trade transactions.

The US dollar has been used as the main reference for most international transactions. The American currency appears in three versions – commercial, tourism and parallel -, each of them operates in a different market and has specific values and uses.

The commercial dollar is the quotation used in foreign trade transactions, import or export by legal entity.

imagem_destaque_variação cambial

On a daily basis, the Central Bank discloses the average rates practiced in the interbank market, known as the PTAX rate, which serves as a reference and not as a mandatory rate. In 2016, according to the Central Bank, the PTAX closed at R$ 4,1558, the highest value since the creation of the Real in 1994.

As the foreign trade negotiations are carried out in foreign currency and there is market instability, combined with the large exchange rate variations, ALLOG adopted the procedure of receiving payment receipts by 1.30 pm at the following email: By receiving the proof before this time, there is time to make payments to the suppliers and guarantee any procedure of releasing cargo, such as delivery and withdrawal of all necessary documentation.

When the financial sector does not receive the proof by this time, it can not identify the payment and accelerate the continuation of the process, leaving the client exposed to the exchange variation of the next day. ALLOG works with an exclusive global agent, where it centralizes payments, ensuring the best rate and greater efficiency in process controls.

The company aims not only to ensure the values, but also to ensure agility and efficiency in the continuity of the procedure, so that clients are served with excellence and quality. In addition, every morning, from 10:30 am, Allog makes the Dollar and Euro rates available on its website, to facilitate customer service.

Artigo produced by:

Kelly Cristina, Financial Analyst at Allog.

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