Container measurements: get to know and choose the best one to meet your needs

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Have you ever wondered which container is the best to import/export your goods? This article offers all the information you need for container measurements such as measures, capacity, type of goods, cubic capacity and others. Read the information below:

20ft Container

Available for any dry cargo. E.g.: Bags, Pallets, Boxes, Drums and many others.

Tare: 2,230 kg / 4,920lb
Maximum Payload: 28,250 kg / 62,280lb
MGW (Maximum Gross Weight): 30,480 kg / 67,200lb

Interior Measurement

Length: 5,900 mm / 19\’4\’\’
Width: 2,350 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2,393 mm / 7\’10\’\’

Door opening

Width: 2.340 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2.280 mm / 7\’6\’\’
Cubic Capacity: 33.2 m3 / 1.172 tf3

40 ft Container

Available for any dry cargo. E.g.: Bags, Pallets, Boxes, Drums and many others.


Tare: 3,660 kg / 8,200lb
Maximum Payload: 28,750 kg / 63,450lb
MGW: 30,480 kg / 71,650lb

Interior Measurements

Length: 12.022 mm / 39\’6″
Width: 2.332 mm / 7\’9\’\’
Height: 2.393 mm / 7\’10\’\’

Door Opening

Width: 2,385 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2,260 mm / 8\’5\’\’
Cubic Capacity: 67.2 m3

40 HC\’

Tare: 3,820 kg / 8,600lb
Maximum Payload: 28,600 kg / 63,050lb
MGW: 30,480 kg / 71,650lb

Interior Measurements

Length: 12,031 mm / 39\’6″
Width: 2,350 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2,597mm / 8\’6 1/4

Door Opening

Width: 2,340 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2,597mm / 8\’6 1/4
Cubic Capacity: 75.7 m3

Reefer Container

To ship temperature-sensitive cargo that requests stable, controlled or below zero temperature. E.g.: (perishable foods, pharmaceuticals, vegetables, flowers)


Tare: 4,300 kg /10,580lb
Maximum Payload: 29,700 kg / 61,070lb
MGW: 34,000 kg / 71,650lb
Temperature Control: -30º e +30º

Interior Measurements

Length: 11.561 mm / 37\’11”
Width: 2.268 mm / 7\’5\’\’
Height: 2.249 mm / 7\’5\’\’

Door Width: 2.280 mm / 7\’5\’\’
Door Height: 2.260 mm / 8\’5\’\’
Cubic Capacity: 59.3 m3 / 2.075 ft3

40 HC\’

Tare: 4,300 kg /10,580lb
Maximum Payload: 30,540 kg
MGW: 34,800 kg / 71,650lb

Interior Measurements

Length: 12,031 mm / 39\’6″
Width: 2,350 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Height: 2,698 mm / 8\’10\’\’

Door Width: 2,340 mm / 7\’8\’\’
Door Height: 2.280 mm / 7\’6\’\’
Cubic Capacity: 75.7 m3

Flat Rack

Suitable to ship heavy loads and cargo with extra weight (out of gauge) – E.g.: Machinery, boats and others.


Tare: 2,600–2,960 kg
Maximum Payload: 27,400–37,040 kg
MGW: 30,000–40,000 kg

Interior Measurements

Length: 6.058 mm
Width: 2.438 mm
Height: 2,219–2,234 mm


Tare: 5,180 kg
Maximum Payload: 39,820 kg
MGW: 45,000 kg

Internal Measurements

Length: 12.182 mm
Width: 2.438 mm
Height: 1.978 mm


Suitable to ship large cargo. E.g.: Machinery, Tractor Parts and Tires, Glass and others.


Tare: 2,230 kg
Maximum Payload: 27,800 kg
MGW: 30,480 kg

Internal Measurements

Length: 5,890 mm
Width: 2,337 mm
Height: 2,340 mm

Door Width: 2,320 mm
Door Height: 2,273 mm
Cubic Capacity: 31.9 m3


Tare: 3,720 kg
Maximum Payload: 26,230 kg
MGW: 30,480 kg

Internal Measurements

Length: 12,031 mm
Width: 2,318 mm
Height: 2,352 mm

Door Width: 2.337 mm
Door Height: 2.273 mm
Cubic Capacity: 65.7 m3


ISO tanks have a cylinder shape and are made of stainless steel. They are solely designed to carry both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Heating is also available for special cargo if necessary. E.g.: Chemicals in general (fuel, toxic and/or corrosive products) and foods (oilseeds, drinks)

Capacity: 26,000l / 6,870 usage –

Tare: 4,150kg / 9,140lbs

Maximum Payload: 34,000kg – 74,890lbs

Length: 6.58m / 19’10

Width: 2,438m / 8’

Height: 2,591m / 8”


This package is plastic, disposable and extremely resistant that when installed in a standard 20ft container transforms this container into a tank whose capacity to ship non-hazardous liquid is 24.5 TO. Before the installation, the container shall be inspected by professional experts in order to select units in perfect state. After the selection, there is the fitting stage to install the flexitanks inside the container. This procedure must be performed by skilled professionals for safety reasons regarding transportation. E.g.: Foods (oilseeds, juices, wine), non-hazardous chemicals and lubricants.

Capacity: 24,500l

Tare: 2,250kg

Maximum Payload: 26,730kg

Length: 5,900mm / 19’4”

Width: 2,350mm / 7’8”

Height: 2,393mm/7’10”


Dry 45” – This is the largest type of container in length. Its cargo shall not exceed the length, height, weight and volume of the container

Bulk Container – It is designed to ship goods in bulk. Suitable for dry products and its main characteristic is to have a front panel opening.

Hard Top Containers have a metal roof instead of a tarp that can be easily removed for some specific cargo. If the cargo exceeds in height, the metal roof can be easily placed inside the container with the products.

Mafi is a platform to ship heavy and big load designed for operations with Ro-Ro vessels and can be also used to ship Breakbulk cargo.

Half Height Containers are used to ship pipes, chains, hooks and anchors for the Oil & Gas sector.

Open Side Shipping Containers can have internal divisions, separate compartments and are designed to transport animals or cargo that need a wider opening.

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